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Lunar Calendar Chinees traditions

On the Lunar calendar,the Elventh of the second month of each year. It is a red plate festival, which is a special festival in my hometown village. Senior people used to say that long ago, one of our ancestors had two wives and a son each. The 2nd wife tried to kill the 1st wive’s son all day long. One day, she finally had an idea. She made two  red plates, one large and one small, and then told the maid, "well, elder brother eats the big plate and litter brother eats the small one." When the maid sent to the book private school, litter brother insist eat the big one. thus when the elder brother,the son of the 1st wives let the litter brother to eat the big one.  As a result, the little boy was killed by his Mum. This festival is held every year in our village to warn our descendants, "do not do anything harm others, it must harm yourself".

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